Learning, Travelling, Eating.

Studying in China has been such a new and wonderful experience so far. Personally, I have found the transition between Scottish and Chinese teaching methods a challenge. However, our teachers are the kindest, most helpful people and are always here to help us with both school and non school related issues. I have been studying Chinese for two months now and even though I struggle from time to time, the outcome is so rewarding. I have started recognising more and more Chinese characters in street signs, out and about and can converse to a certain extent in daily life – which is super motivational! I’m looking forward to progressing especially in Chinese dialect as I love speaking with the locals here.

To get to school we usually travel by bus which costs the equivalent of 20p and is such a funny and different experience as there are 16  Scottish scholars and even more Chinese people all on the one bus. To get around the rest of the city we sometimes get a taxi which provides a refreshing challenge as many of the taxi drivers will often chat to us and ask us lots of questions – it’s a great way to practice our Chinese!

Travelling to work

The food here is amazing – both vegetarian and meat dishes! Most nights we go to the University canteen where you can pick from hundreds of different foods and it’s really convenient. Street food here is also very popular. There are little stalls set up on almost every street and the food is so good.

Street Food

At our university and school there are little burrito stalls where you can get fried egg, chicken, and vegetables and they charge roughly 40p – it makes for a really cheap and easy meal.

Jian Bing Guozi

I am loving my time here and don’t want it to end, this experience will definitely remain a prominent part of my life for years to come and I am so grateful for this opportunity. As for the next 8 months, I hope they are equally as thrilling, challenging and overall…amazing!




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