Karaoke, Tunnocks and water fights

April seemed to pass by very quickly. At the start of the month it was Clare and Andrew’s birthdays so we celebrated by going out together and eventually ended up at KTV, a karaoke place where you get a private room for your group. It was my first time going to one (first time really doing karaoke at all!) and I had a great time. Going to KTV is one of those things you really have to do when you come to China.

This month we’ve also been visited by a lot of people from home. In the same week we met up with a group Scottish teachers and Scottish students. They came to our school where we helped teach them some Chinese and talked to them about our exciting lives in Tianjin. I find it strange telling people about my life here now because I’ve been here so long that everything just feels normal and I can’t imagine why people would be interested in it. After we’d spoken to the students we had a chat with CISS Project Coordinator Katie and she gave us some Tunnocks Teacakes and Caramel Wafers, which we were all very thankful for.

That same week, as part of the new year, all of the students and a few of the teachers took part in a water fight at school with the Thai students. I hadn’t been in a water fight for so long and it was such a hot day that it was good to cool down and have some fun.

This month, we’ve just been finding ways to experience the little things in China and of course going to school everyday. With only 2 months to go the idea of going home is starting to become very real. I’m really excited to go back, but I know that once I’m back I’ll miss China and all its quirks so I’m going to try and make the most of the time I have left here.



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