Christmas in China

There’s two weeks left until the Spring Festival break and we are all preparing for our finals before we all venture on our travels. December has been an exciting month as we had a surprise visit from Fhiona Fisher, Katie Hawkins and Fan Lin. We were given the opportunity to talk about our experience in China so far and showcase some of our Mandarin skills. We were also very grateful for the shortbread that they brought with them – it was nice to have a home comfort.

We also celebrated our first Christmas away from home and although Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in China, we all had lots of fun organising Secret Santa, decorating our rooms and watching lots of Christmas films. As different as Christmas was this year, it was definitely one to remember.

The time is fast approaching before we all set off on our travels. Many of us are travelling around Asia, some heading back to Scotland and some even heading down under. It’s scary to think that 4 months ago, the majority of us had very limited Mandarin and couldn’t imagine travelling around China but now we are all a lot more confident using our Mandarin skills and navigating ourselves around the public transport systems. We are excited to try new food and explore new areas of China.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!  圣诞节快乐! 新年快乐!

Ellise Bailey


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