Almost home

In preparation for life in china I deduced a three step plan in order to adapt; ask my grandpa to help me use chopsticks, buy Chinese for dummies on amazon and watch “Mulan” (an undisputed Disney classic). It’s fair to say some aspects of my research proved more useful than others. In retrospect, there is little to be done in perpetration for the transition to a culture as rich¬†and vast as the one that china boasts.Scott international fair
In the nine months past since our arrival in Tianjin we have all had experiences worthy of a Hollywood movie ranging from climbing mountains to caring for pandas. The natural affluence of the Chinese character has lead to friendships that are truly beyond the price of rubies; negotiated, of course, with variant levels of Chinese but none the less sure to last a lifetime.

Learning Chinese in its mother country remains a true privilege that has created opportunities beyond which any of us could’ve imagined.Scott Graduating

Scott Renwick


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